Wednesday 18 March 2015

The Shocking Truth About Kisumu

The post First Appeared in Amazing Kisumu 
Kisumu is a lakeside city in Western Kenya. They say it’s the economic powerhouse of the region and also the communications hub as well as the final travel destination too, that side of Kenya.However, there are some things you need to know about the residents of this city.
1. These guys spend all their life doing art!
2014-04-26 15.59.29
2. This school, Agha Khan Primary has never changed, it has always been this way since time immemorial
.Aga Khan Pri
3. This bank is not existent anymore, despite the indian community making Kisumu their second home, apart from India. I wonder where they bank nowadays!
Bank-of-India-building Kisumu -1966
4. In Kisumu, “Money doesn’t make sense”, its just paper. They use lotsa plastic currency, they exhibit a cash-lite economy. (they listen a lot to Moneysense music by Xpat Mkwanja)
Beauty - making a music video
5. The county has a lot of birds, they actually established a home for them – Kisumu Birds Sanctuary
6. Lake Victoria (the second largest freshwater lake in the world after Lake Superior in the US) doesn't just provide the city with fish, it also acts as a place for holding boat racing competitions annually
 Boat Racing, Men Team
7. Oh, the sunset! Isn’t it breathtaking? The only city in Kenya that you catch the sun set beyond the lakes horizons
8. This is not the only means of transport in the city center, but an enjoyable way to have a picturesque view of the beautiful city and its residents. It’s just business.
9. That’s a black/white view of the city’s CBD. Looks epic, isn’t it?
BW - Oginga Odinga street
10. Even the vehicles in this city drink from the lake, like cows!
Car Wash - Lake Victoria
11. What?
12. This is the biggest church sanctuary in the city, located just along Nairobi Road.
13. The famous Town Clock (READ HERE)
City Clock - Kisumu
14. The city was taken at exactly 7.06 pm October 8, 2014. Beautiful?
City evening
15. This was an artistic impression of the West End Mall, its now complete.
City Mall - Kisumu
16. The residents love fun, thus the kayaks parked at Dunga Hill Camp for the lakeside rendezvous!
Dunga Hill Camp - Kayaks at shore
17. Beautiful sunset again!
Dunga Hill Camp - Sunset Photo
18. Are you out of your mind? Can you camp by the lake? What of the hippos? #OnlyInKisumu
Dunga Hill Camp
19. That’s the last rail-line being hit in place by Lady Florence, of which Kisumu borrowed its name from (Rem Port Florence, but was changed one year later to Kisumu.)
Final stage in the construction of the railway in 1901 (L.Victoria in the background)
20. They eat fish, lots of it, sumptuous delicacy, actually its the staple here.
Fish 2
21. More fish, actually; you are a fool for not having a sample of this delicacy when you visit this city for the first time. Haven’t you heard of Lwnag’ni Hotels (Lwang’ni is Luo for housefly; don’t say I didn’t warn you). Learn how to eat fish HERE
22. Do you know that Kisumu was the first City in East Africa to land planes? This is a British Flying Boat landing in the Lake.
Flying Boat - Lake Victoria 1937.jpg-large
22. The residents are also very good farmers, they don’t believe in only fish, they definitely can get their hands dirty tilling the lands, of course doing greenhouses too.
Hexagon II Farm
23. The most magnificent house built across a hill off Kakamega road, just past Mamboleo estate.
Hillside Kisumu
24. Did I not warn you of hippos? They are very plenty in the lake.
Hippo Hippos in L. Victoria
25. The first flyover in the city at Kondele; but do they say!
26. The county’s seat of power: The Pioneer House.
27. Yes!
28. There is an Obama Hospital in this city; for children of course (at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital, famously known as Russia)
Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Hospital - Obama Children's Hospital
29. The biggest hospital in Kisumu County – Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital, famously known as Russia
Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Hospital 1
30. That’s Jomo Kenyatta Highway, the only highway in Western Kenya
Jomo Kenyatta Highway
31. And Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground too.
Jomo Kenyatta Sports-Ground
32. An empty street during the midday, Sunday. Didn’t I tell you these guys are very prayerful?
Kisumu CBD - View from Mashua
33. Yes, an Impala doing its thing at the Impala Sanctuary
Kisumu Impala Sanctuary - Impala in Wild
34. The youth in this city are really trendy. That’s street fashion.
Kisumu street fashionistas
35. Old id surely gold – opening of the Kisumu Airport, the first one in Kenya
Kisumu, Airport Land
36. The Kisumu Bus Terminus
37. Kondele grounds, don’t say you were not warned.
38. An aerial view of Kisumu’s landmark – Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground
Ksm City - Od Mikayi-bw-scaled.jpg
39. A fishing expedition in the lake against the sunset (so much you can do with it)
Lake Victoria - Boat
40. Lovebirds on the last rail line leading to the lake, was used for ferrying containers onto the ships parked at the dock.
Love - railway track
41. Kisumu’s one and only, do we have to tell you her story, seriously?
42. For all your household needs, need I say more: the locals shop only from the supermarkets, that’s why every huge retailer scramble to set up shop in this lakeside city.
43. The famous Jomo Kenyatta Sportsground, before the “mask” was removed.
Od Wadu - Old Photo
44. Artistic genius of a busy Oginga Odinga Street.
Oginga Odinga Street
45. The reining Miss Tourism Kisumu County 2014 travels only with the metallic eagles up in the sky
46. Th residents in this city believe only in Raila (but God first)
Raila Odinga
47. The residents love cars/first machines; thus every year the Kenya Commercial Bank MUST kickstart the KCB Rally Championship series from this beautiful city
48. Kisumu is also home to the rare Roan Antelopes, you can see them at Ndere Island
Ruma N. P. - Roan Antelope
49. So much you can do with the sunset in this city. What do you see? I see love.
Sunset love again
50. More love
Sunset of love
51. Did I say somewhere before that the residents only fly? See!
They fly, don't drive to the city
52. That is a shopping basket, for going to buy your groceries (see what I did there)
53. Surely, digital migration got the better of us, see “The Making of a Smart TV”, no, its a wedding by the lake, again!
TV - Digital migration
54. Yes, we fly, see. Beautiful sites, beautiful people
Unbelievable siting
55. They don’t just participate in marathons like other communities, they run for the things they hold dear; like the rampant AIDS scourge.
56. Long long time ago, the lake was invaded by the dreaded water hyacinth, this made life very difficult for the fishing folks.
Water hyacinth3
57. Now you see, the wedding by the lake arrangement (an idea for you).
58. Who said that River Nyando ain’t navigable? See. Yes We Can!